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Thorough Concrete Testing, Metallurgical Testing from San Diego, California

At Decisive Testing Inc in San Diego, California, we have the advance equipment and skilled staff necessary to perform concrete and metallurgical testing.

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Concrete X-rays and Coring and Concrete Technology

These days the importance of assessing concrete structures cannot be overemphasized. Today's construction industry focuses on locating embedded objects such as tendons and other internal structures prior to any construction work. This is to minimize the maintenance cost associated with the repair of post-tension cables and reinforcing steel after construction has begun.

Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR technology is widely used to locate metallic and nonmetallic structures before drilling or cutting concrete structures GPR is a low-risk technology and provides many benefits over other techniques. It is a nondestructive and nondisruptive process that works without affecting its surroundings.

Concrete Technology

Concrete technologists are involved in research projects and special investigations relating to building and construction material techniques. This is a responsible position since poor-quality concrete can negatively affect the strength of a building.

Concrete technologists apply their knowledge of the properties of concrete to ensure that concrete is produced to a high standard. They are involved in the practical and technical aspects of concrete construction.

Metallurgical Labs–Metallurgical Testing Laboratories

Decisive Testing can assist your company, organization, academic institution, or government agency in finding independent, commercial metallurgical laboratories to do all your routine and nonroutine metallurgical testing, analysis, experiments and research studies such as:

• Rockwell Hardness Testing
• Heavy Metal Testing
• Nitride Case Depth Testing
• Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM Imaging
• Electron Dispersive Testing
• ASTM Cleanliness Rating
• Grain Boundary Testing
• Intergranular Oxidation Testing
• Retained Austenite Measurement Testing
• Inclusion Content Testing
• Formability Testing
• Vickers Microhardness Testing
• Case Depth Testing
• Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDXA) Testing
• Materials Failure Analysis Testing
• Microstructural Examinations Testing
• Coating Thickness Testing
• Structural Identification Testing
• Carbide Formation Testing
• Heat Treating Testing
• Microstructure Testing
• Carburization Testing
• Brinell Hardness Testing
• Effective Case Depth Testing
• Optical Emission Spectrographic Analysis Testing
• Metallography Testing
• Micro-Hardness Testing
• Plating Thickness Testing
• Plating Depth Testing
• Carbide Precipitation Testing
• ASTM Oxygen-Free Copper-Special Microscopical
  Examination Testing

Contact us to submit the materials you need to undergo metallurgical or concrete testing and we will provide you with results as soon as possible.